Couples Counseling

Couple holding hands I welcome diverse couples who are interested in deepening their relationship, finding intimacy that connects them and being open and curious about the possibility and sustainability of a loving bond.

Process and Therapy Groups

iStock_000023912791_SmallGroup provides a place where a small group of people gets together to share problems or concerns. The goal is to better understand your own situation, and to learn from and with each other. The leader facilitates a safe environment so everyone is heard in a non-judgmental, healing way.

Individual Clients

sad woman   My style is collaborative. We work towards goals you set for yourself in therapy. We examine your coping skills, strengths, and challenges. We explore self-compassion while also developing a strong self from which you can feel confident to lead a meaningful, balanced life.
Address: 4216 18th Street, San Francisco, CA
Phone: (650)353-8885